Our “home” needs some TLC

Thank to all who have reached out to donate their time! We appreciate it!
As an all-volunteer club, we rely on our membership to step up and share their skills, talents and a little bit of their time to help keep our building looking nice and welcoming for our members and visitors.

No matter what skill you have, from highly technical to grunt labor, we can use it all!  We are also very open if an individual or group wants to take on an area or a task on a regular basis….that would be awesome!
We’ll be dividing the overall tasks that need to be done into smaller projects and get things done little by little. We’ll be posting the projects and skills needed, here and in the club.  Stay tuned!

Dan Kerege and Katie Numair will be coordinating the projects.
Contact them through motheraerie@gmail.com or leave your info at the bar!